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Estate Improvement Works

New Bus Stop

The construction work of all 10 bus stops had been fully completed and already opened for use. There is a LED display panel on both sides of the bus stop pavilion. It can show messages eg. rainstorm warning, typhoon signal or other special messages draw attention of the passengers and residents. This function is now being tested and will be available for use soon.

The cost required for this “Bus Stop Rebuilding Project” was paid by the Developer.


New Physical Exercise Equipment at Town Centr

The Estate Management installed a new set of physical exercise equipment in the park next to the Bus Terminus (at the junction of Fairview Park Road South and Lotus Road) for our residents. This new equipment set consists of three different parts suitable for all adults, including the elderly, to do stretching exercises. There is one side which is also suitable for the wheel-chair users



The Main Gate Renovation Works

The new design of the Main Gate enhances the smooth traffic flow and strengthens the security of the Estate. Moreover, it provides a high class and elegant impression to the public.

The roof of the main gate is full of flowers in the blossom season.


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