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Introduction of the Estate

Fairview Park is situated at the northwest end of New Territories of Hong Kong, next to the famous Ramsar Wetland. Fairview Park is distant from the urban district and famous for its tranquil environment.

With an area of 12,500,000 sq.ft., Fairview Park was developed by Canadian Overseas Development Company Limited since 1976. There are 5,024 semi-detached residential houses in 13 different house types. It is the largest low-rise residential development in Hong Kong. Each house comes with its front and rear gardens.

The Town Centre of Fairview Park has an area of 70,000 sq.m. with a Central Lake (an artificial lake) of 15,000 sq.m. in size, which is the biggest of estate in Hong Kong. Around the lake is a 700-meter Lakeside Path which is a good place for strolling and doing exercise.

At the side of the Central Lake, you will find Country Club, Church and Community Centre, Estate Management Office, Children Playground, Fire Station, Park, Open Stage and carpark. The commercial centre nearby provides a variety of facilities like automatic teller machines, Food Court and Chinese restaurant, supermarket, convenience stores, wet market, clinics, post office, salon and kindergartens etc. A 70 meter long pebble path was built by the developer in November 2005 which provides a healthy place for the residents, making the pebble path park a well-known place for leisure activities. In addition, a series of renovation works including renovation of basketball court and the children playground at Golden Bamboo Road North, redesign and construction of Block E Park had also been carried out and opened for public use in early 2007. Refurbishment works of Lakeside Path was completed in December 2008 as part of landscaping improvement scheme in Town Centre.

Fairview Park has a modern sewage treatment plant. It collects sewage water from the estate every day for biochemistry and decomposition process. Some treated water is used for watering plants and streets cleaning, and the rest be discharged at Deep Bay. Since Fairview Park has its own sewage treatment plant, owners are not required to pay the sewage charge to the Government.

There are 112 streets with a total length of about 27 km and more than 60 green areas in the Estate. Three secondary and primary schools (Bethel High School, Hong Kong And Macau Lutheran Church Wong Chan Sook Ying Memorial School and Hong Chi Morninglight School, Yuen Long) make Fairview Park a perfect facilitated community.

It is convenient to visit Fairview Park. There are coach services to and from Yuen Long Market, Sheung Shui, Tsing Yi, Central, Hung Hom and Tsuen Wan (please refer to the coach timetable and faretable for details). Furthermore, two routes of free internal shuttle bus came into operation from 1 May 2007 to serve our residents inside the estate (please refer to free shuttle bus timetable and route for details).


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