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Maintenance Department

Maintenance Department carries day to day repair and maintenance works in the Estate such as repainting street plates, traffic signs, fences of public parks, checking public facilities of Town Centre such as the children playgrounds.

Maintenance Department designs and installs colorful lightings at the Open Stage, Lakeside Path and Main Gate during festivals to enrich the atmosphere.

There are 112 streets in the Estate with a total length of 27 kilometers. Good repair and maintenance of more than one thousand street lamps are vital for illumination at night. Maintenance Department checks the condition of the street lamp and notifies electricity company to follow up if there is any fault found in order to ensure reliable lighting system.

Other large scale projects like road maintenance, water and drainage pipes replacement, sewage treatment and other improvement works are carried out by contractors. Maintenance Department participates in the tender process, issues tender to reputable contractor at reasonable cost, supervises the work progress throughout and ensures the quality of works. For example, the MDPE pipe replacement phase II had been completed at the end of October 2006 which was one month earlier than the scheduled completion date. In addition, a series of renovation works including renovation of basketball court and the children playground at Golden Bamboo Road North, redesign and construction of Block E Park had also been carried out and opened for public use in early 2007. Refurbishment works of Lakeside Path have been completed in December 2008 as part of landscaping improvement scheme in Town Centre.

There is a sewage treatment plant in the Estate operating round the clock. Maintenance Department supervises the performance of the contractor in order to ensure the smooth operation of the plant. For the purpose of environmental protection and resources utilization, the treated water will be used for cleaning streets and watering plants in our Estate.

Moreover, the fountain of Central Lake and lake water circulation, the pump house and tidal gate are also operated and maintained by the Maintenance Department.


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