Resident Online Account Registration Instruction

Please Press “REGISTER” button


Information need : Owner Name and A/C No. on your STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT

Information fill :       

E.g. : Owner Name                                                        : CHAN TAI MAN

         Account Number (On Account Statement)           : ABRS100


Owner Name (On Account Statement): 

(Must be exactly the same as the owner's name on the monthly statement, including capital or small letters or symbols (if any))

Account No (Please refer to the monthly statement): For example A-BRS-100 must be filled in as ABRS100 (Cannot repeat registration)

        Login Name (Self Customize):        (Cannot repeat registration)

        Login Password (Self Customize):  

        Nickname :            

        Email :    (Cannot repeat registration)

          Contact No(Optional) :  

After successful registration, it will automatically return to the homepage. Users can log in to the website Owner's Area using their own registered login and password.


Forget Password


Press ‘Forget Password’ button, Enter the registered email address, System will send the password to the registered email account.


Reset password or other editable information


Press the ‘Change Password’ button, change the password or other user information and press ‘update’.