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Environmental Services Department

  • Cleaning

Environmental Services Department is responsible for refuse collection and cleaning in public areas of the whole estate to ensure a good hygienic environment.

We will collect the domestic refuse that are packed and tied up properly in PVC bags placed outside the property everyday.

Upon residents’ request, we will collect non-domestic refuses which include used furniture, electrical appliances, sundries and tree branches etc. We will engage cart-away service to convey the refuse and charge the residents accordingly.

We transport all collected refuse to the refuse collection point and to be dumped into the compactors. The trucks from the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department then transport the refuse to the landfills.

In addition, Town Centre and the public streets will be cleaned every day and washed every month. Central Lake, Fairview River, protective bund, bus stops, rubbish bins, dogs’ dropping bins, facilities of children playgrounds, pebble path park, open stage, plaza and Lakeside Path etc will be cleaned from time to time by our staff.

  • Landscape Maintenance

We are also responsible for servicing the green areas in our Estate including Town Centre, over 60 green areas and grasslands, planting trees and placing plant pots along various main roads. We will continuously improve the landscape design in order to beautify our Estate.

Furthermore, we will feed and take care of the black and white swans in Central Lake and monitor their health condition.


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